Google’s Universal Look for – The Dying of Report Marketing

I just read through an report from SitePro Information referred to as “Lookup Motor Optimization For Universal Lookup – Back to Sq. A single?” and have some comments to make.

I have discovered a enormous craze for Google to transfer replicate syndications of posts into their supplemental index at the blink of an eye. This can not be good for the article directories since, like my possess at Moxie Travel Expressions it leads to a remarkable lower in AdSense earnings and exposure of the article across the net. My issue to Google is, when you go to purchase a e-book or decide it is time to go to a guide store to peruse the volumes, do you usually go to the identical bookstore? The solution to that is no. We almost certainly go to the 1 that is the closest. If I as an author have published a book, Trust Pilot Scraper I would like that my readers could discover my ebook in what ever bookstore my reader chooses and I would like it to show up on every single shelf in every single bookstore in the entire world.

Google is not pondering this way. They want 1 “unique” duplicate, from one particular article directory demonstrating up in their lookup engine, and the rest of us with a syndicated duplicate get thrown in the “Google Dungeon”. This makes room for all of the other “videos, weblogs, images, news articles, and other media offered on-line”.

Apparently Google does not see that the article directories even now have value with respect to material on the world wide web. At the very least a person thinks so as scrapers still abound and several seem to be dependent on AdSense as a resource of cash flow. The write-up listing exists for that explanation, to make cash from Adsense, as effectively as supply an author’s exposure for their posts. I feel that Google has mistakenly integrated report directories in the class of MFA world wide web web pages (made for Adsense), and that is what has brought on the precipitous tumble into the supplemental index for all report directories and much more.

Matt Cutts states that the solution to this problem is quality articles (no duplicates) and again linking. Very first of all, there is no this sort of issue as an first until the author submits an write-up to one particular and only one particular write-up listing. To do this would mean significantly much less “immediate” site visitors, that is non-lookup motor connected and coming directly from the post listing in this case. This was the authentic approach of receiving site visitors on the world wide web just before the introduction of the search engines. 2nd, even the creator does not have manage above which copy of a syndicated post gets chosen by Google to be the “original”. It would seem to be random. Go forward, submit the exact same article, with the identical author’s box, to 50 % a dozen post directories and see if you can guess which 1 Google will not toss into the supplemental index. Third, How do you get again-back links for the countless numbers of content articles submitted to an post listing? Socializing them is a excellent risk because of what is referred to as “resource hopping”. You may not be socializing the “authentic” copy of the report and subsequently pissing the writer off. This will get you banned from the social internet sites. The only alternative is to socialize only your personal personal articles.

As entrepreneurs, what can we do? I would say alter, but how when it seems unclear what Google is up to? Then we wait around and grit our tooth as we view our content material drop into the supplemental index, our Google PR disappear, and our traffic statistics go the way of the dinosaur.

I have a forum buddy who has experienced an 85% reduction in AdSense income considering that this began going on, I say in January 2007. He was creating a few thousand a month. This mentor suggests Net two. methods to improve your readership and enhance your guests for your original material. Swapping original website posts and articles would also be a great plan.

If Google does not want to cooperate in aiding us make money on the net, and assist them make cash by way of their AdWords plan, maybe it is time to alter methods. I can not support but believe that they are taking pictures on their own in the foot. Time to improve for Yahoo, and MSN?